• The Driftwood Roastery Club

    From: $20.00 / month
    This is for our monthly subscription coffee club. Every month we will send you some special varieties of in-house roasted coffee that will only be available to our coffee club members. Shipping cost included in price.

    “The Daily Brew”

    - Includes a 12oz premium blend ground or whole beans.

    “The Early Bird”

    - Includes a 12oz premium blend ground or whole beans, and an 8oz single-origin natural process.

    “Coffee Is Life”

    - Includes a 12oz premium blend ground or whole beans, an 8oz single-origin natural process, an 8oz of our special cold brew coffee beans (cold brew brewing directions provided), and a 6oz single-origin natural process.* *Each single-origin bag contain coffee of different origins. **We will do our best to match your preferred roast type depending on what roasts we have available that month. NOTE: All coffee will be roasted and then shipped out once per month. We will pick from the coffee that is currently available. For customers who request Ground Beans, please ADD A NOTE AT CHECKOUT telling us your preferred grind size or the method in which you brew coffee at home with (French press, pour over, percolator, etc).
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    Driftwood House Roast

    Our blended House roast. Consists of Columbian, Brazil, Guatemala, or Ethiopian, depending on the season.