The Driftwood Roastery Club

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This is for our monthly subscription coffee club. Every month we will send you some special varieties of in-house roasted coffee that will only be available to our coffee club members. Shipping cost included in price.

“The Daily Brew”

– Includes a 12oz premium blend ground or whole beans.

“The Early Bird”

– Includes a 12oz premium blend ground or whole beans, and an 8oz single-origin natural process.

“Coffee Is Life”

– Includes a 12oz premium blend ground or whole beans, an 8oz single-origin natural process, an 8oz of our special cold brew coffee beans (cold brew brewing directions provided), and a 6oz single-origin natural process.*

*Each single-origin bag contain coffee of different origins.

**We will do our best to match your preferred roast type depending on what roasts we have available that month.

NOTE: All coffee will be roasted and then shipped out once per month. We will pick from the coffee that is currently available.

For customers who request Ground Beans, please ADD A NOTE AT CHECKOUT telling us your preferred grind size or the method in which you brew coffee at home with (French press, pour over, percolator, etc).


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The “Driftwood Roastery Club” is a special club for coffee lovers everywhere. Before our Master Roasters go to work we first must locate the best premium coffee farms around. A couple of our goals when locating a farm is to make sure they stand with our convictions and values such as “fair labor practices”, “no spraying with chemicals”, and coffee picked from high elevations anywhere from 5100-8000 feet above sea level (so that mold doesn’t grow as abundantly as other coffee). Once we receive our coffee we then must always comb through every bean to ensure coffee beans are fully mature in size and color some you can taste the most optimal flavor profile. Then we begin to test roast and taste test before we begin roasting for our customers.